On the 14th of December we hosted the first annual TLC staff awards. Not to be out done by the Oscars, everyone turned up in their most glamorous apparel. As anticipation of the night grew, we were delighted by the staff and management who came, over 350 people looking like celebrities.

The night held surprises galore, with one for ‘everyone in the audience’.

There were fourteen categories, with well-deserved nominees. The winners have received a Dublin crystal trophy and a 250 euro voucher.

The most coveted award was the employee of the year, prized with a holiday for two in the Canaries for a week!

Chairman of TLC Michael Fetherston announced the winner – catering manager in City West Frances Holland! We were delighted for Frances, her hard work and dedication to the company really shines clear!

As the awards drew to a close, Deja Boo regaled us all with musical hits and had as all up dancing the night away.

The TLC Awards night could not have gone better, it was a night of trills, entertainment and joy. Many people have said it will be impossible to top next year, though we promise to come up with something to astound you all. 2nd page 2 2nd page 3 2nd page 4 2nd page 5 2nd page 6 2nd page 7 2nd page 8 2nd page 9 2nd page 10 2nd page 11 2nd page 12 2nd page 13 2nd page 14 2nd page 15 3rd page 1 3rd page 2 3rd page 3 3rd page 4 3rd page 5 3rd page 6 3rd page 7 3rd page 8 3rd page 9 3rd page 10 3rd page 11 3rd page 12 3rd page 13 3rd page 14 3rd page 15 4th page 1 4th page 2 4th page 3 4th page 4 4th page 5 4th page 6 4th page 7 4th page 8 4th page 9 4th page 10 4th page 11 4th page 12 4th page 13 4th page 14 4th page 15 5th page 1 5th page 2 5th page 3 5th page 4 5th page 5 5th page 6 5th page 7 5th page 8 5th page 9 5th page 10 5th page 11 5th page 12 5th page 13 5th page 14 5th page 15