TLC Santry are delighted to announce Ewa Nowak – Senior Health Care Assistant as our August 2019 Employee of the Month.  Ewa, a Polish native, commenced working in TLC Santry in October 2014.  Her love of her work is very obvious and she constantly strives to reach a high standard in all she does.  She became a SHCA in 2016 and has used her leadership skills to make a big impact on the quality of life of the residents and the quality of the work produced on her floor.  She is so nice to deal with and always positive in approach. Ewa is highly motivated to do a good job.  Both residents and families appreciate the effort she makes and her floor is a happy place to work due to her competence and that of the other SHCA’s working there.  We are proud of Ewa and also value her as a friend and colleague.  Thank you for all your efforts.  They are appreciated.