We had a great day in TLC Santry recently for Staff Wellbeing Day. We tried to approach the day from the perspective of staff appreciation and health improvement.
We started by wishing all staff a happy wellbeing day and applying a small token of validation to their uniforms to let them know how much we appreciate their hard work. During the day we tried to catch staff doing nice things for residents, other staff and relatives. When this was witnessed, we placed a smiley emoji on their uniform. The aim was to give a prize to the person who got the most smiley emojis by the end of the day. Sandra Malone in the ground floor restaurant had a large number of strategically placed ones on parts of her uniform that raised a few eyebrows. Andrew McClean on the third floor also won a prize for his collection of smiley faces.
We placed motivational and validation slogans all over the building to help staff appreciate how important they are to the wellbeing of the residents and give them support to live in a healthier way. My favourite one said ‘You Rock’.
We had a very thought provoking Mindfulness session facilitated by Marion, a psychologist. It was hard to sit still and reflect on a raisin! However, it really showed us how we live our lives not being aware of such things as texture, aroma, appearance and memories of days past. I really think that we need to slow down, smell the roses and imprint all that is happening into our brains (but only the good stuff!!).
Two very good sessions on Healthy Eating let us see that balance is important and that making small changes can have a brilliant effect over time. It gave us permission to be good for 80% of the time and have treats for 20% of the time. Now that may be just my interpretation but on reflection that 20% could be the whole evening. Again, balance is important and we can’t fool ourselves either. TLC provided fresh fruit and a very attractive healthy diet for all staff during the day.
All good plans go astray and our planned walk in the park was not on the cards as the rain overcame even my enthusiasm!! We improvised and had a skipping competition in the reception. (We watched the chandeliers carefully). It was great fun. Staff really took part and thought that they would be great. Their disappointment in only achieving one or two successful skips gave great amusement to the residents who really enjoyed watching this activity. Neeraj Goli was superb in getting 65 successful skips. He won two bottles of wine and word has it that he tried the skipping after a few glasses and was not quite so good. (That may not be true – perhaps he was better or I may just be fibbing).
We checked a number of blood pressures and some people were surprised that they were on the high side. This shows the usefulness of random blood pressure readings and will allow staff to take the appropriate action.
We finished the day with (Hasyayoga) Laughter Yoga. I was willing to lead this and open myself to ridicule but I do believe in the benefit of this therapy. One way or the other, we had great fun Ha, Ha, Haing and Ho, Ho, Hoing while clapping. Did you know that clapping stimulates acupressure points in your hands and is good for your mental wellbeing. It helps me be more mindful about the benefits to me of showing my appreciation of others by clapping.

Overall, I felt the energy in the building was really raised. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and we completed it with a raffle to show our appreciation for all staff taking part so willingly. Ajith SHCA won the prize of a voucher for €30. Congratulations to him.
Anyway to finish off, it is worth helping staff to feel better because to quote the Dalai Lama ‘a more compassionate mind, more sense of concern for other’s well-being, is source of happiness’.