We had a very important visitor from Wales stay with us at TLC Maynooth recently; Norman the Visiting Teddy Bear. The reason for his visit is that another Norman, a gentleman who is just 49 years of age, had been diagnosed with Dementia. He always wanted to travel the world but unfortunately his Dementia progressed very quickly.  Norman’s wife came up with a novel idea of knitting a teddy bear that would travel the world, spreading knowledge surrounding Dementia.  So far the teddy bear has been to Manchester, London and another nursing home in Naas, then to us here in Maynooth.  After that he went to the Sunny South-East to another nursing home.  He also visited Lullymore and the surrounding attractions. He has his own passport which will be stamped at every stop as he travels the world and has even had his Hep B injection!  All the staff wished him ‘Bon Voyage’ and look forward to hearing about his travels.Norman the visiting teddy bear