TLC will ensure that its services meet the needs of all clients, especially the most frail and complex client.
TLC promotes quality of life and independence through a friendly and professional service.
We continue to strive for excellence in our personal service and care through innovation and commitment.
TLC will work to ensure that all clients and their loved ones are treated with respect and dignity while they are receiving care.
Our vision is to excel as the leader in providing for patient, family and community needs by offering a quality healthcare service in a cost effective manner through compassionate and professional care.
We also aim to empower each individual in our centres to be actively involved in decisions affecting their care and wellbeing.
We are a team of individuals that are dedicated and committed to our shared vision.
We value customer satisfaction and the fulfillment of the needs of the residents and surrounding community.
We value the diversity of our residents and staff and respect the unique dignity of each individual.
We are committed to promoting the independence of our residents, personally, medically, psychologically, socially and spiritually and we advocate continuous quality improvements of their lives to the fullest extent possible.