Dear family member

This past week has seen a real improvement across some of our centres, which gives us a real sense of getting back to some level of normality.
As you know we are linked to a Consultant Geriatrician in each of our centres and they have been very supportive and proactive during this COVID pandemic.

We are now discussing with them the opportunity of giving families more information on what future visiting will look like. We are anxious that you are informed as early as possible re, what future restrictions will be in place but also to resume some form of visiting to enhance the quality of life of your loved one. I will link back on this next week with more information.

Thanks once again for your continued letters of support to our staff. This really means so much as we all need that support to sustain us through this crisis. It is so heartening to see our residents out on corridors, chatting more and life returning to normal. Let’s keep on this journey and ensue week on week a continued progression.

As ever please do not hesitate to contact any of us if you have any concern.

Noel Mulvihill
Chief Executive