Dear Resident and Families,

I just want to keep you updated as we progress through this crisis and looking forward to coming out on the other side. I can really understand how difficult it is but do rest assured your loved ones are being well cared for.

We continue to have no clusters outbreak across our centres. I know it is widely reported in the media re: the growth of these clusters, but within the TLC Group we have managed to so far ensure that this does not happen.

We continue with our restrictions. And as advised earlier this week would appreciate your support. If one person from your family could call and then share any news with the rest of your family. As you can understand our priority is always ensuring a safe staffing group and ensuring staff are spending all their time with residents.

We have temperature checks twice daily on all our staff to ensure they have no symptoms and therefore reduce further the risk of spreading the virus.
I will keep you informed of any development.


Noel Mulvihill
Chief Executive