Dear Resident and Families,

I would like to thank all our families for your continued patience and cooperation throughout this difficult time. I know it was particularly difficult on Sunday last (Mother’s Day) but rest assured we are doing everything as a staff group to keep your loved one’s safe.

You continue to support our staff with kind messages, and this is really appreciated. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated staff group who have doubled their efforts in the past few weeks. We continue to receive daily updates from the HSE as to the best possible standards that need to be in place in order to manage this virus.

We will continue our efforts to ensure effective communication through web text and indeed encourage you to contact the centre at any time.
We also have been limiting the visits made by managers, but I was around centres myself this week. The atmosphere is remarkably positive, and very understanding with knowledge that this too will pass, and our sacrifice now will be well worth it at the end.


Noel Mulvihill
Chief Executive