Dear family member

As you know we have had all our test results return this week for both staff and residents. Our results overall show that approx. 30% of our residents and 25% of staff have this virus. On a national basis and in comparison to other nursing homes we are below average which is positive news for us. As described last week any residents effected are co-horted for a period and it is so heartening to see those residents return to their own room after the period of isolation. As we work through this, we are hopefully getting over the peak in our centres but as you know we cannot guarantee this.

I want to thank you again for your patience and understanding and as always be reassured that we are caring for your loved one and will continue to do so until we can get to a stage of some form of phased opening in the near future. This virus remains in the community so if the lock down continues for another two weeks this will support us further in keeping your loved ones safe.

As always, I do hope that you are communicating as much as possible with your loved one and if there is anything further you want us to do, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Noel Mulvihill
Chief Executive