Dear family member

This is just a quick update to inform all our families that all notification of any new information will now be coming directly from each of our centres. This is mainly due to the fact that each centre is at a different stage so it would be confusing for you. As you know we have opened up to visiting in some of our centres and hope to have all opened in the coming weeks when we are 100% COVID free and our environments are safe to commence visiting.

I realise how difficult this can be for you, but Public Health are very clear that even if just one member of staff out of our full team is positive then we cannot open to visiting until a number of further tests are clear. However, I do feel we have progressed well over the past few months in difficult circumstances and look forward to seeing many of you in each of the centres enjoying the hot glorious summer that is to come.

Many thanks to you all for your ongoing understanding and patience.

Kind regards

Noel Mulvihill
Chief Executive