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A Chara,

Welcome to the TLC Centre and our vision for the future of Nursing Homes in Ireland. At the TLC Centre, we aim to ensure that each and every resident, guest, visitor or family member retains the choices, dignity and autonomy they deserve, whilst being fully supported in a secure and caring environment.

At the TLC Centre, we aim to provide a centre of excellence for the care of older people placing a huge emphasis on rehabilitation. Facilities are available for both long stay and short stay residents and also for day care. Respite care is available as well as a step down facility. The TLC Centre also provide alzheimers and end of life care.

We endeavour to offer the best comfort and care to be found anywhere in Ireland, with superb accommodation, first class facilities, and an excellent team of qualified, experienced staff. In this brochure we will take you on the same journey of discovery that we made when we planned this pioneering development in the care of the older person in Ireland. We would be delighted to meet you to discuss your needs and you are welcome to call in at any time to visit our TLC Centre.

For more information on our nursing homes contact The TLC Centre
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